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Introducing The Blockchain Space
One really can't mention the wonderful technologies of our time without mentioning blockchain technology. One of the interesting things about this technology is the fact that developers with adequate knowledge can easily create any desired platform or network. Also, with Bitcoin being the first blockchain it made possible for transactions to take place on a peer-to-peer system, Ethereum on the other hand, created a blockchain through which upcoming platforms can easily launch on. This feat made possible by Ethereum led to the massive development of the crypto space as new projects were launched easily before moving to their respective blockchains as at when due. However, irrespective of the fact that there are many blockchain projects in this space, blockchain is yet to gain mainstream adoption owing to lack of speed, scalability and host of others. At the same, when taking a closer look at most projects we only end up seeing similarities with others, with only a few really living up to expectations.
Just like earlier stated, to launch or develop a blockchain platform, the developers or team in question need to have the adequate knowledge and experience, and as such the advent of a platform known as FUNCTION X.
About Function X Function X is a worldwide decentralized platform built by a team of high-class developers; with Function X being decentralized means it is based on blockchain and in addition to efficiency, Function X is also powered by smart devices. Just like every team embarking on a project will have an idea or vision on what they want, Function X team isn't an exemption; thus the goal of Function X team is to create a platform which will be based on blockchain thus having the capacity to be autonomous and decentralized in this way not requiring the services of any external individual or organization to operate. From Function X team's goal, it won't also be mistaken for saying that, Function X is built to be a blockchain platform which will be more than for financial transactions and transfers seen in other platforms but rather a platform for telephony, data transmission and storage as well as a host of other services.
Furthermore, unlike other blockchain platforms which are based on various blockchains such as Ethereum blockchain, EOS blockchain, Binance chain etc, Function X being already developed is on the process of creating its own blockchain known as Function X Chain or f(x) Chain. Function X Chain is a distributed ledger made up of consensus algorithms thus making the storage and verification of transactions such as payments, communication, DApps services etc possible.
What Function X Offers
Function X being built by a team of high-class developers is already developing its blockchain to solve the issue associated with current blockchains such as low speed etc thus leading to a better peer-to-peer network which is faster and more scalable. Like earlier stated, Function X Chain is made up of sets of consensus algorithms, in this case, the prominent Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) which is used owing to its low latency requirement.
In the same way, Function X offers an Operating System (OS) where IoTs and smart devices or hardware will be able to use the possibilities found in blockchain. In addition, not only will mobile phones utilize Function X OS, but companies also will be able to customize it to suit their needs.
Also, within Function X is its ecosystem which is decentralized of course thereby making the transmission of data to take place via public and private key data which are all encrypted. Being decentralized, it assures there is secured communication as well as data control by users.
Furthermore, to ensure a community which is filled with all levels of developers or users, Function X makes its platform to be easily accommodating and accessible, in this way, developers and users will be able to transit without issues. With Function X taking this step as well as making the development of DApps easy, developers and users will be able to share knowledge and experience about DApp and Android development.
There have been many platforms in this blockchain space, but none has been able to ensure the scalability of blockchain is achieved thus setting the path to blockchain adoption until the advent of Function X.
Furthermore, Function X stands out owing to its way of attracting developers and users in this process making the exchange of information possible while leading to the development of its platform. Function X being already developed has its token with ticker FX which is already listed on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Visit for more:
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